We have more than ten years of experience from small-scale breeding of Portuguese water dogs. Our aim is to breed healthy and fit dogs with a breed-typical temperament. All our dogs live at home with us or are taken care of by other families.


Our breeding is based on award-winning dogs from the USA, Portugal, Finland and Sweden. Through close international cooperation with highly respected breeders, we have therefore imported several bitches, as well as sperm from several male dogs. The collaboration with other breeders has also contributed to us gaining solid knowledge about healthy dog keeping in general and Portuguese water dogs in particular.

We focus on socialization and handling from the time the puppies are born until they are in the care of their new families. Therefore we intentionally have a lot of visitors and emphasize many positive experiences as long as the puppies live with us. We match the right dog with the right family and have many satisfied puppy buyers all over Northern Europe. We provide our puppy buyers with initial training in taking care of the puppy and are available for follow-up assistance if needed.


We always strive to follow the Breed Club for Portuguese Water Dog's breeding rules. All our puppies undergo a veterinarian health check and are ID tagged with a chip before departure. They are also registered with the Norwegian Kennel Club.


Nadarium is Portuguese and means "swimmer's spirit".